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40K Community Tactics: Defeating a Gunline

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Sep 25 2014

Sometimes folks need some help dealing with that one nasty list that is terrorizing their local meta.  That’s where you come in!

BoLS Lounge member Clever Handle wrote:

Dealing with 58+ S7 shots at 36″ range [1850]

So lets just pose this hypothetical: Lets say there’s an army out there that can comfortably put out nearly 60 S7 shots per turn at ranges up to 36″. Now lets assume that a significant amount of these shots are twin linked, lets also assume that the base unit is fairly mobile and comes with a decent, but not amazing level of survivability – the survivability comes from the first strike potential…

Now lets also assume that at the 1850 points level, this army is capable of bringing enough melta, that can get exactly where it needs to be with almost pinpoint accuracy so as to ensure that simply taking AV14 to render the S7 useless isn’t the easy-win button we’re all looking for.

How does one go about contending with this army?
– the S7 is more than enough to remove 3-4 vehicles AV12 or less from the table per turn
– say goodbye to around 12-15 MEQ per turn (double that for anything without a 3+ save…)
– cover, unless its total LOS obscuring, is meaningless.

…if you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about a farsight enclaves army loaded for bear with MP & HYMP (and haven’t even discussed the double-riptides the list can bring). Drop Pods / Deep Striking don’t work due to an abundance of EWO. Flyers don’t work as even without skyfire there’s too much flak in the air – unless you go whole hog & bring an air-force (then good luck surviving turn 1!)…. Oh yeah & this is a bound list.

There’s a fellow at our FLGS who brings such an army, and despite being a super-nice guy, nobody enjoys playing against because no matter what we try we simply can’t compete. This list is shutting down balanced space marines, fast & aggressive (T2 assault-based) chaos lists as well as durable (nurgle) lists, eldar, orks, dark eldar & nids. Pretty much you name it & its getting stuffed by an abundance of S7 shooting…

Key Units are:

(3) units of (3) Crisis suits w/ double MP gives you (12) mobile S7 shots
(2) units of (3) broadside suits gives you the same volume of, less mobile but TL, S7 shots
season to taste w/ Tetras for precision deepstriking of the (3) solo suits each equipped w/ Fusion – these guys DS in danger-close, fusion any high AV targets, then dash away to claim objectives in Maelstrom, or simply be a nuisance otherwise.

Come on community.  You have the points, and you have the challenge.  Help a fellow gamer out.
What’s your go-to balanced list (don’t say “take 12 Wave Serpents”) and tactics to take this army down?

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