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40K: The 10 Best Units In the Game

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Sep 23 2014

Not all units are created equal in the Grimdark.  These are the top of the heap!

(special thanks to Goatboy and MBG)

1. Wave Serpents – The Craftworld Eldar Reign of Terror continues with the most well armed and mobile transport in the game!

2. Firestorm Redoubt – What a great utility toolbox for any army.  You get variable weapon options from anti-air to anti-horde, to anti-vehicle plus a nice safe firing spot for a key unit.

3. Imperial Knight – Mobile, hard to take down, with a choice of devastating weapons and nasty assault abilities.  Plus how can you say no to the sexiest model to hit the game of late?

4. Wyvern – This doesn’t like inflicting dozens of wounds – that ignore cover?  I swear this model was funded by Chessex.

5. Culexis Assassin – Psykers keeping you down?  Well grab your new best friend and get back to enjoying the game!

6. Centurions – Grav kills stuff dead, and can now reach the enemy fast! (Thanks to Logan Grimnar’s Drop-pod Emporium – ONLY DEALS!)

7. Coteaz – Who doesn’t like a dirt cheap psyker with free shooting and FOC tricks?

8. Necron Catacomb Command Barge – Super hard to kill, crazy sweep attacks, just a general pain in the ass. Your Lord should never leave home without one.


9. Chapter Master w/Shield Eternal/Gorgon Chain – Super tough, fast, and watch out for that Orbital Bombardment.  Space Marines still got game!

10. Nurgle Winged Daemon Prince – A 2+ save on the ground, tough to kill and nasty in assault – and he’s sticky and stinks as an extra bonus!

~What did we miss?

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