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40K: Nova Open 2014 – The Unbeatable List

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Sep 2 2014

TastyTaste here to talk about the world-beating 40K list!  But first I want to give a shout out to the West Coasters who made the trek to NovaOpen, the above Cat & Dude picture is for you!

Anyway, another year, another Nova Open and it looks like Tony Kopach has reclaimed his title after a one year defeat, taking a Eldar Wave Serpent spam list to victory. In total, a little over 180 players took part in the Nova Open, the first using Warhammer 40k 7th edition. As always, NovaOpen brings out the hardcore of the hardcore lists, with Craftworld East Coast doing their part to channel infinity circuits to cheese. Tony looked to take advantage of the meta he knew was coming, and with boosts from facing three Tyranid players, 270° 225° serpent shield arcs, and helping to playtest/design the Nova missions.This doesn’t necessary take anything away from Tony’s victory, but does bring back memories of the famous “I helped design Tony’s list” comment by Tournament Organizers a few years back.

Still, with all that said people, those who live and breathe Nova Open practice the crap out for the event. It is just disappointing, list repetition appears regardless of player, because once consensus forms everyone runs to “break” the Nova format.

Tony though actually had interesting elements you don’t typically find in Eldar lists, and had it pay off in spades. The Nova Open also fixed a glaring problem from years past (terrain); by having great terrain, with multiple LOS blocking pieces, (taking a page from Frontline Gaming) made the tables look fantastic.Then there is the mission packet which is the best and most complete tool to get players through a large event I have ever seen.

What about Tony’s list though, here is a look:


If you are also interested in the other top lists at Nova Open 2014 follow the link below to my blog Blood of Kittens.

Tell me what you think about the lists and meta story it tells. As well if you have any good Nova Open stories feel free to tell them!

Author: TastyTaste
  • Wargames Gallery 8-31-14