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What Now for Warhamer 40k?

I have to say this has been the most ridiculous year for 40k in the entire time I have been played! I posted this article up on my blog a few days ago, now BoLS asked me to post it here to get some discussion going. Wow! What a crazy year! I have to say this has […]

40K: Nova Open 2014 – The Unbeatable List

TastyTaste here to talk about the world-beating 40K list!  But first I want to give a shout out to the West Coasters who made the trek to NovaOpen, the above Cat & Dude picture is for you!Anyway, another year, another Nova Open and it looks like Tony Kopach has reclaimed his title after a one […]

Wargaming Askew: The Real Reason Adepticon Is Great!

The Wargaming nirvana known as Adpeticon is upon us! It will also be the 10th anniversary of the little event that could. If Wargaming had religious doctrines, making a pilgrimage to Adepticon would be one of them. Those that have never attended, much of Internet focus on Adepticon is directed at the 40k Championships or […]

Wargaming ASKEW: How fine is FineCast?

A friend of mine made a snarky comment to me after I complained about a Finecast model he said, “Finecast is so 2011”. Well while it may not be the hottest topic of the day (leave that to the fake 6th leak) I have noticed a recent spike in Finecast related “poop on stick” commentary […]

Wargaming ASKEW: Hug Me, Don’t Club Me

I had written the greatest dissertation about the political ramifications of the disbanding of the Council of Terra and the creation of the Highlords of Terra, but in the great Blogger purge of a few weeks ago that masterpiece has been lost forever. Instead you get this trite discussion about the most fragile of our […]

Wargaming ASKEW: Never Enough!

Adepticon 2011 is fast approaching and I am sure many of you still don’t care. I do think though you should at least acknowledge Adepticon’s importance. It isn’t making your first hajji important, but at the very least raise a glass to the largest Wargaming event in North America. Adepticon is the Wargaming equivalent of […]

Wargaming ASKEW: Tag-Teaming at its Best

One of the best things about wargaming is the wonderful people you meet. We come in all shapes and sizes and generally are charming folks. Some of the relationships we build can last a life time. Sadly, most bonds are forged through tabletop combat… Once the mettle is tested (and usually after drinks) a great […]