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Dark Eldar: 1st Sighting of Codex & Supplement

Sep 20 2014

Week 1 Dark Eldar are here, and already next week’s details are emerging.  Take a look!

via La Taberna De Laurana and 9-20-2014 

We have a codex cover!  It is in the same art style and probably the same artist  (Raymond Swanland) as all the other recent codices.

Here we see that “Raiders of Commorragh” is the painting guide. That would seem to indicate that the other mentioned book “Dark Eldar: Wyches” is probably the supplemental codex. I would assume it would cover dedicated Wych focused army lists as opposed to the generalist Kabal lists represented by the Dark Eldar Codex.

I would pencil in that codex for next Saturday…

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