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The DiRT – Following the Infinity Bread Crumbs!

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Sep 5 2014

It appears that the 2014 Infinity Seminar at GenCon left a bread crumb trail to solving it’s own little mystery.

So back before GenCon, I wrote a DiRT article about Operation:Icestorm.  In that article, I made a few predictions based solely on the bread crumbs that we were left on the internet by Corvus Belli.  The prediction was pretty spot on.  With that in mind, I did not realize that another trail of bread crumbs was already out in the wild.

The News – Bostria Gave Us a Mystery at GenCon

After writing last weeks article, I went back through all of the Infinity Seminar footage.  In there, Bostria started to talk about Kasym Beg, the Kum Biker Chieftain.  If you want a sense of what a badass this guy is, let’s say up front that he’s the Chieftain because he’s killed every challenger to his throne.

In the discussion, he made mention that there was something that Corvus Belli was planning on doing with this model, but he did not want to disclose what exactly Corvus Belli had in store for the model.

The Skinny – The Trail leads to Imgur

While messaging Underground Lasers on facebook (which might be a topic of a future article), I ventured over to Imgur and found a cleaner image of Kasym Beg.

After finding the first image, I did not think much of it when later I came across another image from the Gencon seminar…
From the Seminar
On Imgur
But then I did a double take.  In 2013, we got a look at the PanO Armored Cavalry model that was being worked on in an image of the GenCon 2013 seminar.   To find this exclusive, you had to pay attention to the model that was on the screen of the artist to catch the glimpse.  
Armored cavalry image from GenCon 2013 Infinity Seminar
The model on the screen from the 2014 Seminar was Kasym.  The detail on the vest, the long hair…… it’s clearly Kasym, but it’s definitely a different sculpt.  We know it’s different by the way the head is pointing and the variance in his grimace.  Maybe this was what Carlos (Bostria) was talking about?
The DiRT – Putting all the pieces together

So let’s take a look at all the things that might solve this puzzle so far:
  1. Carlos Bostria informs everyone at GenCon that something might be coming specifically for Kasym Beg.
  2. He makes mention of it during the point in the Infinity Seminar that is talking about sculpts.
  3. In the seminar he shows off two images of the Kasym Beg model with different features.
  4. Bostria talked about the box bundles of the Nomad Geckos and how the Dog Warriors would be similarly bundled.
But is there anything else that might tie this up in a bow?  Yes!  And again, it was from the seminar:
What if Kasym Beg was going to have two sculpts? One sculpt riding a bike, one in a standing pose (dismounted).  I’m going to go ahead and state my prediction.  That we’ll see both sculpts.  And if I was a betting man (which I am from time to time), I’d put money on the two sculpts ending up in a future box together.  
I sent Bostria everything I found.  His only response, which will be good news for you PanO players out there…. Corvus Belli is trying to get the Squalo (PanO Armored Cavalry) ready for a December 2014 release.  I’m guessing that would mean that you’d see it available at your local game store in 2015.  But he did not comment at all about the rest, so time will tell.
Infinity Images

Merovingienne army about to be deployed against Steel Phalanx.
So that’s the news, the skinny, and The DIRT on following the bread crumbs for the Kasym Beg model.  I know it might be a stretch, but like I said before, Corvus Belli is notorious for giving you all the details you need to uncover what direction they’re heading in.  Got any other educated guesses for other Infinity mysteries or an opinion about the Kasym Beg miniature, make sure to leave them in the comments below.  As always find me here, my YouTube Channel, or drop me a line with Infinity photos at my new email address [email protected] . 

Author: doremicom
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