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Warmachine: Cephalyx Unboxed

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Sep 2 2014

At long last, the Cephalyx have arrived!  Come soak in the creepiness…

Has it really been seven years since we saw the first Cephalyx? Well it says 2007 on the tabs of my old metal drudges. And of course that’s just models. The Cephalyx have been around a lot longer in the IKRPG. Now after all this time they finally get their first Warcaster. So here is Exulon Thexus.

This guy is basically a big floating mechanical spider with an atrophied and pathetic little body hanging beneath.

This thing hovers while Exulon dangles beneath. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to help focus his psychic powers, or if it’s just a frame for his crazy mecha spider legs.


Here it is from a different angle. Just a generally cool piece.

And here are all those crazy legs. You’d think he’d be able to deal out a little better than a P+S 9 with these, but I guess melee isn’t Exulon’s game.

I mean look at him…

Cool, my first look at a monstrosity.

It’s a 3 in 1 so there are bound to be a lot of bits.


There’s a lot of detail on the torso here.

The same is true of these weapons

The heads are so alien looking its hard to recognize them as heads.

The Wrecker’s Ball and Chain is actually a pair of spinning saw blades you glue together.

And this is the sprue for all the crazy nuts and bolts you’ll need to really Frankenstein up your Monstrosity.

And here is a new unit for this new mercenary contract.

Lots of tiny little pieces.


The torso looks pretty good.

Here’s a shot from behind.

Tiny cephalyx blades.

Each fist comes individually. This is where you’ll find the worst mold lines in the kit.

Cephalyx Head.

And an assortment of Drudge heads.

~Definitely liking this first round of Cephalyx releases. What do you guys think. Are you picking up Cephalyx?

Ben Williams
Author: Ben Williams