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Warmachine: Khador’s Vladimir Tzepesci, Great Prince of Umbrey Tactica Part 2

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Sep 8 2014

In part 2 of this tactica, we look at the warjacks, units, and solos that can be taken with Vlad3.

First of all, go catch up with part 1 – then come back.  Ok, let’s go!

Warjacks that think they’re horses
When choosing a warjack, it’s best to keep in mind the mobility that is provided by Vlad’s feat. Side Step provides unpredictable angles of attack, while Sprint allows the ‘jack to retreat back to relative safety or to burrow further into enemy lines.
Because Vlad wants to be constantly using his spell list and be cycling Hand of Fate (cycling meaning that the unit with the upkeep spell activates, is under the benefit of the spell, and then the upkeep is recast onto another unit so they can benefit from it), there really should be only one ‘jack in Vlad’s battlegroup, and because of this, a ‘jack that has a free charge goes a long way as he lost this capability of giving a ‘jack a free charge.

The first warjack that will jump to everyone’s mind when Vlad is the warcaster of the list is Drago. This is because of Drago’s affinity with Vlad, allowing him to add an additional die to an attack and damage roll while dropping the lowest. Drago is still a Berserker, so he can blow up when allocated focus, which he can choose not to do so as the second part of his affinity with Vlad. Infernal Machine plus Drago’s affinity equals an extremely accurate ‘jack, being MAT 9 with 3d6 and dropping the lowest. His Imprint, Run Riot, allows him to chew through medium based infantry units provided he has the focus to keep making the attacks. Keep in mind that he’s P+S 16 base, which is rather low for a Khadoran heavy, meaning he’s very dice reliant in order to get the most out of his offensive power.

There are other ‘jacks that can be considered, such as the Spriggan the Beast 09, mainly because Reach plus Side Step on a ‘jack is incredibly powerful, however the lack of a free charge is a huge detriment towards getting the most out of Infernal Machine.
Because it’s a given to be taking cavalry with Vlad3, some non-cavalry units of note to consider are the following:

Faction staple since the Iron Fang Kovnik
Black Dragons
Black Dragons can be dropped into any Khadoran list, but with this version of Vlad, they make a great second wave unit after the Uhlans and really like Hand of Fate. As mentioned in part 1, they’re also capable of moving under Shield Wall 9” with the Iron Fang Kovnik’s Shield March special action.

You can’t deny they look awesome

Man-o-War Demolition Corp
 Demolition Corp can be considered primarily because of the existence of Dash. SPD 4 is the largest problem with the Man-o-War units, and Dash makes them actually usable. They still have the same problems that they’ve always had with  low DEF for medium based infantry and decent, but not great ARM. I would not bring them in a Steamroller setting or in a list that more cavalry heavy. It may be tempting to keep them around Vlad for Wind Wall, but they’ll just slow him down considerably. Otherwise, they’re just as strong in melee as ever, and are excellent Hand of Fate targets.

Great with everyone
Winter Guard Infantry
 Dash allows them to walk out of being engaged and not take free strikes, and Hand of Fate lets their sprays be turned up to being able to clear a lot of infantry, or their standard solid shots hit much harder. They can provide much needed shooting in this style of play.

Everyone’s favorite berserking unit
Doom Reavers
All of the Vlads like Doom Reavers, while Vlad3 is capable of keeping them alive with Wind Wall and being on a large base. Keep in mind Abomination, so having a Commander in the list, such as the Iron Fang Kovnik or Uhlan Kovnik Markov for your Uhlans to prevent them from running away. Dash also lets them move around without taking free strikes for maximum Berserking capability.

I consider there to be 3 auto-includes in this category with Vlad3: Fenris, the Man-O-War Drakhun, and the War Dog.
One of Khador’s self-guided missiles
Fenris and Vlad’s feat is a pairing that needs to be seen on the tabletop to truly get a grasp as to how powerful this is. Fenris can charge in to an enemy unit, attack at MAT 10, kill a model, Side Step into a better position, and Berserk away with the option of silencing himself. And because he has 2 Fellblades, he’s able to attack and side step again. This means that Fenris has the capability of wiping out an entire unit of infantry by himself and then he’s able to Sprint away to safety.

Best point in Khador!
War Dog
Because this version of Vlad is the most offensive of the 3, a War Dog is essential to Vlad due to Guard Dog, giving him +2 DEF against melee attack rolls while he’s within 3” of Vlad. Counter Charge can throw a wrench into the equation for melee assassinations, and there are stories where he’s taken out warbeast spirits on a spiking damage roll. Plus, all Khadorans like this little pooch already.

Who doesn’t like a P+S 14 Weapon Master?

Man-o-War Drakhun
This guy is so tough that he can be considered a second warcaster due to all the resources he takes to kill. With a very high base ARM, Counter Charge, very high MAT (The same as Fenris) and even more powerful charge attack, he benefits from Vlad’s feat being cavalry, and really likes Dash. Making him SPD 8 makes this mount of steel a true force to be reckoned with. I highly recommend the extra point for his dismount option. However, consider that he has only one attack, so he’s best used to go after high value targets, such as warjacks, warbeasts, or solos such as eEyriss or Gorman.
Tune in next time for part 3, where we’ll take a look at the matchups that Vlad3 should be considered in.

~What do you use in your Vlad3 list? Do you use him with the theme force or out? Post in the comments section below with your thoughts! For more Warmachine related content by FrozenKommander, check out his YouTube channel


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