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Warmachine: Creating a Steamroller Pairing

Frozen Kommander 5 Minute Read Nov 23

Choosing a two list pairing out of your faction’s stable of casters is no easy feat. Read on to see how make it easier! Know Thy FactionCreating a two list pairing for a faction is an exercise of army knowledge first and foremost. Being able to know the faction chosen allows you to know what […]

Warmachine: Khador at WTC 2014

Frozen Kommander 4 Minute Read Oct 22

Khador had a very strong showing this year at the World Team Championship (WTC) in 2014. Let’s take a look at the stats! For those that don’t know what the WTC is, it is the World Team Championship that occurs every year, and each country hand picks a group of players to send to represent […]

Warmachine: Khador’s Andrei Malakov and Friends

Frozen Kommander 7 Minute Read Oct 6

Khador’s newly received Journeyman Warcaster now makes the faction capable of running more than one warjack, let’s find out why. Why Malakov? Kovnik Andrei Malakov introduces a brand new way for Khador to play in a small 3 point package. He allows the faction to be able to bring a second fully allocated warjack onto […]