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Dropzone Commander: The Commanders, Part IV

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Nov 13 2014


Today will conclude our discussion of the generals that lead each faction in Dropzone Commander. Last but not least, the Resistance makes their appearance!

The Resistance
Finally we come to the new kids on the block, the ubiquitous Resistance fighters! The military forces of this faction are a mixture of old military assets and repurposed civilian equipment, but their first Commander unit definitely falls into the former category.
The Alexander tank is an absolute monster in terms of damage output. The main cannon on this thing is one of the nastiest weapons to yet make an appearance in Dropzone Commander. If you’ve never faced it, I can say that I saw it kill a Ferrum Drone Base with one shot from half a table away! It includes chainguns, tons of Damage Points, and the aforementioned “huge freaking cannon.” It is everything you could want in terms of unsubtle death-dealing.
Like most heavy armor, the Alexander does suffer from a lack of speed. With that said, it can take an incredibly resilient Dropship and use this to push into the center of the fight, ensuring that both its damage output and Command Radius are used to maximum effect. As with the other resilient Commanders, the vehicle has to balance its capacity to deal damage with its value as a Commander. It is important to make sure that it is adequately supported, because the Scout units it relies on are cheap but incredibly fragile.
Next up we have the repurposed craft that is so indicative of the how the other half of the Resistance lives. The NT-5 Firestorm Custom is an absolute beast in terms of resiliency and close-range firepower, sporting an impressive four looted Plasma Cannons. It also had the capacity to transport some fairly impressive Gun Technicals, that bring and Evasion Countermeasure of +2. This all stacks up to a veritable horde of points, but it had a valid place on the battlefields of Dropzone Commander.
With an Armor Value of 8 and NINE stinking Damage Points, this thing will be a serious pain to remove from play! It will require a concentrated effort to accomplish the goal, and the Plasma Cannons ensure you will get burned (pun intended) on the way in.
And at last we come to the Resistance Command Deck.  This deck has the same core as other decks, but it comes with two sets of cards depending on whether your faction is Feral or Allied. These cards are much like the Resistance army, covering a smattering of different advantages. Some cards allow the duct tape and WD-40 to be applied to cheap civilian vehicles, bringing them back from the brink of destruction. Others employ IEDs, destroying enemy units just as they step out to begin their attack. Regardless of their exact function, they are all designed to aid a technologically inferior force with the underhanded actions of guerilla fighters.
That concludes the discussion of Commanders. Stay tuned, as next week will feature two of our armies as they put the principles to the asphalt and engage in a game of Dropzone Commander.
Which Commander unit do you like best? Leave your thoughts and battlefield victories/woes in the comments below!

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Author: Randall Madden
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