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30k – New FAQs !

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Dec 2 2014

The Horus Heresy is now fully 7th Edition compatible! Checkout how your Legion is affected NOW!

via Forgeworld:

This is a REALLY good FAQ, tidying up a lot of the little loose ends and making playing 30K games ever better.  They even took the opportunity to clean up some *slightly* overpowered combos with rules like this…

“Chain Fire Overheat! : If one or more weapons with the Gets Hot special rule is used to make a Chain Fire attack, the extra stress on the weapon can prove perilous. When used for a Chain Fire attack, such weapons overheat on rolls of a 1 or 2, inflicting a wound on the firing model. Should any overheat occur, the Chain Fire attack immediately ends without further re-rolls for hits.”

And thus ends the double plasma-pistol Moritat’s reign of terror…

Also – don’t mess with Mechanicus Land Raiders:

“Blessed Autosimulacra: If the vehicle has suffered Hull Point damage, at the end of the owning player’s turn roll a D6. On a 6, one lost Hull Point is restored.”

 Thanks a bunch to Forgeworld for clearing up some of the stuff out there that’s been lingering for a hot minute.

Author: Larry Vela
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