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40K BREAKING: Blood Angels Tacticals – Weapons Bitz!

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Dec 04

Looks like the Blood Angels got TONS of sweet bits in their new Tactical box. Come See!

Judging from some picture leaks this morning this kit may just be BITS GOLD like the regular space marine tactical box!


From what I can tell so far, this box has one of each special weapon (including a Grav gun), and this sweet Blood Angels themed plug and play combi weapon.

They also are getting a Heavy Bolter to go with the Heavy Flamer the previews have already showed!

Plus judging by the leaked Tactical squad previews there is a really sweet blood winged gladius that looks pretty fresh too. Oh and last but not least, checkout the nipple er artificer armor on the sergeant that’s very close to the design of the Sanguinary Guard bodies. Very cool things are coming soon for the Adeptus Astartes!

What’s your favorite new bit so far? -MBG

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