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40K REVIEW & PICS – New SoB Exterminatus

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Dec 22 2014


Part The Empire Strikes Back, part Terminator, the latest 40k supplement is here and it may be the best one of the year!

Shield of Baal Exterminatus introduces 18 new dataslates for Warhammer 40k as well as eight new Echos of War missions for the Cryptus Campaign.



Once again we see this supplement presented in the two book “End Times” hardcover format encased in a colorful slipcase that features the art of this saga.

Book 1
The first book is roughly the size of the Space Marine codex and contains all the background on the campaign as well as the order of battle for the most notable clashes. Personally I love all the new artwork, especially the profile views of characters that really reminds me of the art from the old Gi Joe: Order of Battle comics that showcased the personnel and vehicles back in the day.

There is also a very special ending to the book, that if you are a fan of the Blood Angels you will NOT want to miss.


Book 2
Next up is the rules supplement and like we covered above, it has a ton of content for running both the Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers, as well as, Necrons! The book itself is about 65 pages, which seems to be about the traditional size of a supplement these days.

If you’re curious about the new rules themselves, we posted up a summary of just the Astartes dataslates that you can checkout back on the blog here.



Overall this seems to be one of the best 40k supplements thus far, both in terms of rules content and background.

The Shield of Baal Exterminatus seems to be a one two knockout punch of 40k awesome!


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