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40K SHOWCASE: Stunning Knight – Acheron

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Dec 9 2014

Want to see the BEST Forgeworld Imperial Knight I’ve ever seen painted up.  Seriously, you have to see this thing!

via Brovatar (BoLS Lounge)

Normally I have a lot to say, but with a piece like this, its better to just be quiet and let the work speak for itself.


Okay, a couple of little points…  (I can’t help myself)
1) The work on the metallic brass is just amazing. The edge definition around the complex knee area in particular is inspiring.
2) I love the base.  It is of far higher quality than you normally see in any basing, and each time you go back, you discover another cool detail.  I love that sense of hidden layers and discovery that a good scenic base can lend to an already impressive model.
~Give it up for Brovatar!

Author: Larry Vela
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