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Blood Angels: 1st Rumor Reactions

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Dec 10 2014
Warhammer 40K

One brave gamer has read the latest Blood Angels rumors and put down the conventional wisdom:

via the BoLS Lounge’s ElectricPaladin

First, go READ THIS (Blood Angels Rumors)

And here is what the man has to say:

  • No centurions. I don’t like those guys. I don’t want them in my codex. I don’t want to be tempted to buy them so I can win games and then spend hours working on how to fix the issues that make the models look awful.
  • New Dante. I can see myself using him now.
  • Librarian dreadnought HQs. This sounds amazeballs.
  • New Mephiston sounds great.
  • Heavy flamers and AA missiles on tac squads are awesome.
  • Psychic powers look like fun.
  • New detachment sounds awesome. The return of I 4 on the charge – when combined with +1 S (and +1 WS and FNP with a priest) – will help us to win fights we’ve been losing since the end of 5th.
  • Sanguinary priests as HQs is cool. It’s nice to see them take center stage.
  • It looks like we didn’t lose chaplains as Elites, which is really good, especially since priests are moving to HQ. It’s not a fair trade, but imagine what would have happened if both chaplains and priests moved exclusively to HQ?


  • No storm talons (or anything similar). I miss air superiority!
  • Death company as Elites. That stings. Our Elites slot has always been crowded – and now it’s more so.
  • Loss of dedicated transport land raiders for assault squads. The 35 point price break was really nice…
  • The loss of fast non-Baal predators stings a little. Oh, well. Luckily I don’t own any.
  • EDIT: I forgot to mention – the loss of fast vindicators REALLY hurts. Ouch.
  • So does the loss of death company re-roll to wound with a chaplain.
  • Sanguinary priests out of Elites screws up my collection. Also, it will make it harder to spam FNP (though at least we don’t need them for Furious Charge anymore, which is nice).
  • If sanguinary priests are HQs, I’ll need to strip the priest I’ve painted up so I can give him a nicer paint job more befitting a personage of his status. Maybe white?


  • Assault marines out of Troops is a shame, but I don’t really care. I haven’t run a full jump army in more than a year, anyway.
  • We already knew that our vanguard veterans were going to get nerfed into compliance with C:SM. It’s a shame, because old Heroic Intervention was cool, but it’s not a surprise.
  • New Warlord Traits look great. I’ll miss Descent of Angels being an army-wide rule, though.

Overall, I’d sum it up thusly: Blood Angels are no longer the jump pack marines. I guess that’s just Raven Guard now. Blood Angels are now the assaulty marines, and from the changes I see, they can do a pretty good job of it now. Better than they did in 5th. Of course, that does mean that they will still favor assault marines as one of several available options for assault, because more attacks and Hammer of Wrath are still good tools.

Agree, disagree? What do you think the Blood Angels new place is in the Space Marine pantheon of rules?

Author: Larry Vela
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