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HOBBY: Garfy Presents – Photography Showcase

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Dec 23 2014
Today Garfy wants to share with you his models, but in a totally different way. Gritty, atmospheric, cinematic shots that will bring the hobby to life. More after the jump. 

These pictures were produced using a DSLR camera on a tripod with a long exposure (shutter is open for ages to allow a lot of light to hit the sensor). I used an inexpensive LED keyring torch for my bright white backlight, a smartphone with a solid colour on the screen (purple in the example above) with the screen brightness set to highest possible and a smoke machine.  
I’ve attempted to layer the composition to create depth. There are shadowy objects in the foreground and ruins in the background. The troops on the ground help to give the picture a sense of scale. While the low camera angle looking up helps to make these monstrous machines look massive. 
Here you can see the teoxicrene towering over these poor Ultramarines who are about to sell their lives dearly. The strong backlight, is quite over powering but the lens flare effect it produces in the smoke really add an extra dimension to the composition which would otherwise be quite flat. The Smoke is also lit up with ah purple coloured smartphone screen making it feel alien and toxic.  

This image I wanted to see less. I wanted it to be more horrific. The light and shadows playing tricks with your brain. Considering you can’t see much, it feels like a lot is going on. 

Finally, here are a the shots with no smoke or lights and lit more evening with my flash heads. Whilst it’s great you can see the details and everything is in focus I personally think these don’t have as much “soul” as the previous images. 
All of these images were caught in camera and had no photoshop tinkering. I feel this is how I gauge my photography skill now. I have a vision in my head of what I want the shot to look like. I try to achieve that the best I can with the camera and only resorting to photoshop if my skill with the camera isn’t up to scratch. This is one of the first times I’ve not had to use photoshop to get the image I wanted. I must be getting better!
What picture is your favourite? Do you like all the smoke and lights or do you just prefer to see good clean photography so you can see all the details? 

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