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Iron Kingdoms Unleashed – Adventure Pack Good Guys & Bad Guys

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Dec 15 2014

Privateer pulls the covers off of the cool minis in the RPG Adventure Kit. Come Look!

First off, here’s the Adventure Kit itself:

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Adventure Kit $44.99



1 32-page abridged rulebook
1 32-page scenario
4 pregenerated character sheet
4 plastic hero figures
10 plastic antagonist figures
4 six-sided dice
1 ruler
9 double-sided map tiles
4 map token sheets

The Minis!

The Player Character Heroes:

Gullin is tall and burly by pygmy troll standards, his tough skin webbed with faded battle scars. He wears a worn leather great coat over his armor and a quality hat traded from a human merchant. He has a massive axe that he carries on his shoulder and numerous throwing axes hidden in his coat, on his belt, and about his person—basically everywhere. A small pyg whelp called Knuckle, spawned from a hand lopped off in a fight, typically rides on his shoulder. The whelp scampers around on his belts like a rigging rat, fetching items from the pockets on his bandolier—when it’s not getting drunk to the gills on his ale.

Longchops is a hulking bipedal gator covered in muscles and a thick, scaly hide. He wears a jury-rigged harness across his back to carry the tools of his trade: a powerful hunting rifle and other gear useful in hunting strong, dangerous creatures.

Lurk is a stooped, reptilian fish-man with all manner of tattered arcane totems decorating his body. He carries a surplus of body parts, pastes from smashed organs and bones, fluids, and other harvested parts for his arcane form of alchemy as well as a few trophies from particularly interesting prey taken down in cooperation with Longchops.


The Bad Guys:

The farrow are scavengers, and Morrg has a particular affinity for human technology. Morrg’s brigands carry human rifles and are especially dangerous in an adventure where ranged weaponry is limited.

Knor is Morrg’s right-hand farrow. A bone grinder who has a personal history with several of the PCs, Knor is a cruel and vicious farrow with no reservations about grinding captives into a useful paste. He’s just as dangerous as Morrg and perhaps the more intelligent of the two farrow. Knor is happy to let his “master” do most of the dirty work of running things while he stays safely in the background—not unlike Lurk, in fact.

The meanest farrow of the bunch, Morrg is a warlock and mercenary who has brought together a small army of farrow to do his bidding. As a mercenary he has spent significant time in untamed wilderness on Cygnar’s border, selling his services to the highest bidder. Now he’s made a bid for control of the Blackmarsh Valley, and everyone else is in his way.

Though they’re not the most powerful warbeasts available to the farrow, razor boars are nasty little creatures. In Morrg’s warband there are numerous razor boars, which are used like hunting hounds (or junkyard hogs!). As both a farrow chief and a warlock, Morrg reserved the two biggest and baddest razor boars for himself. Caldon and Crommen are known through the Blackmarsh Valley for their ferocity—and their fondness for eating pygs.

The slaughterhousers are the elite melee infantry of Morrg’s warband. They lead bands of brigands as cruel taskmasters, enforcing their warlord’s commands. The weapons they carry further reinforce the scavenging nature of the farrow. The slaughterhousers’ crude weapons are basically butcher knives attached to long poles, but the models reflect a poise and experience that implies these warriors are more deadly than rag-tag.

~Look for this to hit the shelves in Q1 of next year.  Also – it’s gotta be Longchops for me – every game BANG-BANG CHOMP-CHOMP!


Author: Larry Vela
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