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New Legion Beast – Neraph is the BESTEST!

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Dec 19 2014

The next Legion beast is here, the Neraph. It’s got some tricks up it’s sleeve!

Having been playing a lot of legion lately it was nice to finally able to put this new heavy on the board.  I would use the word heavy pretty loosely with the Neraph.  It is not going to be putting to many dent’s into armored up models.  It however has some excellent board control abilities and a really nasty synergy with one of Legions already popular tournament casters.


With the angelic speed of 7 and defense of 14 this beast will be able to dodge some hits and get deep into the enemy lines.  Nothing special in the armor department but that is expected.  What is the real winner of the Neraph is its 7 point cost.


-Blood Creation: Very legionesque
-Soulless: More legionny
-Eyeless Sight: Shocking more legion stuff
-Serpentine:  Good and bad
-Flight:  Pathfinder is for pansies!
-Grasping Tail:  If you hit, you can hit again without rolling…I think they should have just said sustained attack…


The real reason to consider this beast in my opininon is for this animus.  Where the Angelius pushes you away, this guy sucks you in.  It can open up charge lanes, pull people out of scenario zones and my favorite use , stack models up for AOE fun time!

Most people these days are spread out and for good reason.  But , for a mere 1 fury you can suck a big group of infantry into a nice clump.

Works Well with:


Ravagores, Bethayne, Bloodseer and Saeryn.

A rRvagore can put out a scather and then the Neraph can charge out and pull stuff into it.
Bethayne and Belphagor can put out the 5 inch despoiler and the Neraph can snuggle in next to them and suck enemies into it.
Want to really pull somebody out of position, bring a Bloodseer in tandum with the Neraph and get a semi gallows going!
Saeryn is by far the grossest user of the Neraph.  Plop down blight bringer on the Neraph after he has clumped everything up and watch the souls stack up!

Kill it:
The Neraph is more support beast than a heavy killer or gun boat.  Consider spreading out more when you face it.  3 good weapon master attacks will probably drop the Neraph on average dice so don’t be afraid of it outlasting you.  It’s defense is above average so tenacity could take it out of lower mat unit’s effectiveness vs it.

Hey BOLS, what do you guys think of the new Exigence releases?  Any legion players out there?  Are you guys going to field the new Neraph?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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