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OMG! Chaos Marine Rumors?!

Dec 28 2014

 Some Chaos Marines tidbits are out and about. Strange rumors always happen when folks settle down during the holidays.

via Nostromodamus on 12-27-2014

One project that is more on the horizon is plastic Chaos Cult Troops. I can say that the Plague Marines are more bulky and tailored for the new bases. Standard 5 man squads per box with all weapon options and nice bits to spruce up the Champions.

via Nightfury on 12-27-2014

2015 will be the year of supplements and campaigns. Dark angels will almost certainly feature in the next campaign which i heard quite possibly is called DarkStorm

~The opponents to the Dark Angels are said to be Crimson Slaughter

I just want to put it out there… how exactly did the Crimson Slaughter get a ticket to first class treatment while the Chaos Legions still don’t have rules?

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