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REVIEW & PICS – Blood Angels Tactical Squad & Priest

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Dec 17

Well the latest multi-part kits are here for the Blood Angels, and these things are beauts!
Games Workshop seems to really be on point when it comes to the multipart kit game, and this release is no exception.


First off the Priest model is spectacular, however perhaps a little pricey for a single figure, but still awesome nonetheless. The design of the kit leaves tons of room for converting different variants of the same model, and perhaps the most sought after component in 40k (the Grail) is even it’s own seperate bit!


The Tactical Squad is also a work of hobby art in it’s own right. Based on the Space Marine Tactical Box with comes with oodles of special weapons and a unique four in one DIY combi-weapon. The Blood Angels’ version may just outshine it’s predecessor. The set also comes with over 20 different shoulder pads and heads, to customize with, plus mostly all the parts have some sort of Blood Angels iconography on them from a blood drop to a wing motif, etc.


They top it all off with both a Heavy Flamer and Heavy Bolter weapon options, and a sweet modified Gladius power sword. If you play Blood Angels this is the kit to start with, or heck maybe even just make your own chapter using the new, more detailed, models!

So would you replace your old boring plain Blood Angels Tacticals with the new box?

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