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The Top 10 Wargaming Dream-Fights!

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Dec 10 2014

They come from different universes, but we still NEED to see them fight!

The ground rules for this one were simple.  We challenged our staff to come up with ten great fights from any of the big gaming universes.  The only rules were:

1) They needed to be from a universe with a tabletop game
2) They needed to be from different universes
3) They needed to have a mini

Let’s hit it:

1) The Butcher of Khardov vs Kharn the Betrayer.  Get ready for some fancy Axe-work!

2) Orion, King of the Woods vs Kromac the Ravenous. Sometimes its best to stay out of the woods…

3) Vlad von Carstein vs Mephiston. Psychic hood vs the Von Carstein ring – tough one…

4) Glottkin vs the Mountain King.  The ground is gonna be a shakin…

5) Sauron (aka the Necromancer) vs Nagash.  I’ll just leave this one here and back away…


6) Darth Vader vs Archaon – Well Archaon’s got a horse…

7) Alien Queen vs Swarmlord. – Maybe they just stare and make out – ewww….

8) General Nemo vs Njal Stormcaller. – Ride the Lightning!

9) Han Solo vs Captain Kirk (heck you can almost play X-wing vs Armada)…

10) Smaug vs Lord Toruk. Yeah we know Toruk doesn’t have a mini… but Smaug’s is big enough for both of em.

~Ladies and gentlemen, leave your list of winners and your argument why in the comments!



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