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WHFB. Going Retro with Chaos Dwarfs – Part 12.

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Jan 17 2015

WiP custom built K’daai Destroyer this week – with the help of a classic candy mascot you won’t believe!

Hi! I`m Tommy from the blog bigbossredskullz and we are making a retro 4th ed miniature based Chaos Dwarfs army!

Article index
If you haven’t read all the parts in the article series the index is right after the jump.

There’s a lot of cool versions of destroyers out there, especially since there’s no official model out so people can do their own interpretations.

I originally didn’t plan on making one but I had some bitz and pieces lying that could do the job. Though I wasn’t entirely sure on how I wanted to assemble it before I saw this sketch over on Chaos Dwarf Online.

It was gIL^ that had it as a signature and he graciously allowed me to use it as a basis for my Kdaai Destroyer.

Core build
Even if you’re making a custom build its still key to make things easier by finding a good core part or model you can work from. Here’s mine.

That is an M man indeed! Kids got it from their grandparents a few years back and when they grew tired of it and forgot it I took it for a potential build. Back then I probably had Orks in mind but that doesn’t matter much now.
I trimmed it and went to work with a file to get something to the glue would stick to. Then I assembled it similar to the sketch.
Base pose is where I want it.
This part is always fun (even the rivets). Here’s a front and rear shot.

Almost looks like Bane!

I went with the same style as on the Iron Daemon to tie it all in. If you can remember, that again is based on the monopose warrior hats. Next was adding the shoulder pads and hat/steam vent.

Not making Bane though
Really coming together now! Greenstuffed the worst cracks.

The greenstuff will be filed and shaved some more. Still need to greenstuff the two holes from the old eyebrows.

That’s it for this week! Next week I’m continuing the build and we’ll see how far I come. In the meantime go check out my two latest battle reports. Orks vs CSM and Stompa & bullies vs Birdies and drop troops.

How about that for a Destroyer! Any good ideas for the rest of the build?

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