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40K: 2015 Boxed Sets Info

Mar 26 2015


There are supposed to be 2 boxed sets/campaigns for 40K this year. Here’s the latest on them:

via Steve the Warboss 3-26-2015

Two boxed sets coming this year:

-Dark Angels vs. Chaos Marines (July)
-Space Marines vs. Tau Empire (October)


via Steve the Warboss 3-20-2015

– New boxed set for Warhammer 40,000
– Released autumn 2015
– Space Marines vs Tau

Now if you remember just this week, Lords of War Gaming reported that Tau Empire were one of the upcoming codices getting updated alongside Space Marines.

This is just one more datapoint in the pattern leading up a new Space Marine codex this year.  It’s odd as the Marine book is very strong, and almost entirely in plastic.  It’s hard to know exactly what they would add to it at this point.


40K Autumn Boxed Set Roundup

~Honestly, what would you add to the Space Marine codex to make it better?

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