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Playing 7th Edition 40k with Multiple Detachments

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Mar 20 2015


Welcome to what playing “true” Warhammer 40k looks like. ¬†Are you ready for the bright shining future?

Welcome to the New Now

I had a fun game this past weekend versus Astra Militarum and ran the following army list:

White Scars CAD
Chapter Master – bike – artificer armor – shield eternal – power fist – auspex

Librarian – bike – armor indomitus – force axe – meltabombs – level 2 (telepathy)

Command Squad – bikes – chapter banner – 4x stormshield – 4x grav gun – 4x meltabombs – power fist

5x Biker – 2x grav gun
Sergeant – combi grav – meltabombs
Attack Bike – multi-melta

5x Biker – 2x grav gun
Sergeant – combi grav – meltabombs
Attack Bike – multi-melta

Space Wolves Champions of Fenris Detachment
Wolf Lord – runic armor – stormshield – power fist


Rune Priest – bike – runic armor – force axe – meltabombs – level 2 (divination)

Iron Priest – bike

Iron Priest – bike

9x Grey Hunter – meltagun – power axe
Wolf Guard – Stormshield – frost axe
Drop Pod

It was a really fun list to play and as you can see if you follow my armies I fielded more Space Wolves. If you don’t follow my armies that is totally cool nor do I expect you to do so. I am just using what I like to play as an example for fielding more than one detachment.


Don’t Fear the Reaper

I think a lot of the TOs for some of the major events are afraid that multiple detachments equates to UBER SPAM. If you know me you know I don’t like spam. Unfortunately limiting 7th edition armies to only one detachment defeats the purpose of the game. All of the new codices were written with the intent to allow players to design their armies on this basis. There will always be spam.

Personally I hate to go to any tournament and see 25 percent or more of the armies fielding three or more flying Hive Tyrants. One person told me his fluff for his army was that his Chapter Master captured three Tyrants straight out of the shell and raised them as pets to fight for him. While we can justify anything with some outlandish fabrication fortunately there are still some of us that prefer to see on the table what is considered a cool army for all the right reasons. It doesn’t have to be the case of a few totally WAAC players ruining it all for the rest of us.


Now back to my army list… This is just one of endless examples showing what you can do with more than one detachment. I enjoyed playing the army and might test it again. I ran three mini stars attaching the two psykers to one bike squad, Chapter Master to the command squad and the two Iron Priests to the other biker squad. The psyker biker squad was my MVP which kind of surprised me.

I have made a personal vow I will only attend events that allow multiple detachments and formations. Necrons are pretty much unplayable otherwise which I think was a smart move on the part of the development team as it forces TOs finally to get off the proverbial pot. The new Necrons are highly competitive. Armies like Eldar and Tau are both totally 6th edition… YAWN. It is not like GW is going to go back and redesign the game to be beer and pretzels like 3rd edition any time soon. The veterans need to suck it up and move along just like everyone else.

The coolest armies can be designed using multiple sources. Totally WAAC armies can too. I’m all for less restriction and put the game back in the hands of the players. Give it a chance.

Here is a list of the top armies at Adepticon for the 40k championship:


Adepticon is allowing unlimited detachments and formations along with sources. It’s beautiful and clearly demonstrates the future in no uncertain terms… Extremely exciting !!!

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