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Eldar Winners and Losers: Wargear & Psychics

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May 14


There’s a lot of good things too in the new Eldar book, come see the new Wargear, and Psychics review!

Mostly everyone can agree the new Eldar Codex is vastly improved over it’s last 6th Edition incarnation, but certain aspects of the new book have been getting a lot of heat from hobbyists.

When I do a review of a new book I love to start at the Wargear / Special rules sections, and work my way forward to the units themselves, that way I’m not flipping incessantly from the front to the back looking everything up.



The Winners;

  • Eldar Psychic Tree
  • Aspect Warriors Wargear, Specifically the Swooping Hawk wings, and Warp Spider Jump Generators, Banshee masks.
  • New Remnants of Battle
  • Star Engines
  • Ghost Glaive (Wraithknight)

The losers;

  • Laser Lock (Scatter Laser)
  • Holofields
  • Mantle of the Laughing God
  • Eldar Psychic Tree


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