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40K: Relictors Librarium List (aka Inquisitor’s Nightmare)

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Jun 14 2015



If you thought the old Eldar Daemon summoning was bad, wait till you see what the new Space Marines can do.

We all know the old Eldar Daemon summoning abilities were crazy, but with the new Librarius conclave formation you can almost do the same thing.

Librarius Conclave

Tigurius 165 (really he represents any chief librarian)

2 Level Two Librarians 180

445 pts – Total

Psychic pool: 7


With this formation you can almost always get the summon type spell you need (incursion, sacrifice, or possession). Plus with the ability to cast these spells on a 2+ for a roughly 88% success rate, or 92% if you use Tigurius and his re-roll to cast.

Because you perils on doubles due to Daemonology, at least once per game your psykers will perils (1/6 attempts based off casting on two dice). That being said here’s the craziness you can do each turn;

Cast two Summoning spells, compounding your warp charge each turn, and one Sacrifice spell. You can even sub out one summon spell for the offensive punch of an Incursion spell if need be as well. The Relictors recommend summoning Tzeentch daemons as they themselves can be psychic and then independently begin to summon more Daemons in the followings turns.

Now combo this awesome formation with the notorious Blue Tide army below, and you have a great one-two punch to make a bare bones formation with tons of objective secured units super potent with hordes of daemons to run amok.



‘The Blue Tide’

DETACHMENT: Gladius Strike Force 1-2 Core, 1+ Auxiliary (All Objective Secured)
Battle Demi-Company One (Core Choice 1)
1 Captain (90)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Assault (70)
Dev (70, 0HBs)
440pts – Grants  4 free Razorbacks 1 free Drop Pod/Rhino ( BONUS 255pts )

Battle Demi-Company Two (Core Choice 1)

1 Chaplain (90)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Tac (70)
Assault (70)
Dev (70, 0HBs)
440pts Grants  4 free Razorbacks 1 free Drop Pod/Rhino ( BONUS 255pts )
+ Suppression Force (Auxiliary Choice 1)
2 Whirlwind (130)
1 Land Speeder (45)
Detachment total: 1055pts
Actual points in models: 1565pts
“Free Bonus” points in models: 510pts
22 Objective Secured Units
9HBs (8 are TL)
2 Whirlwinds
Pairing the Blue Tide’s Double Demi-Companies with one (or more) Librarian Convclaves gives you GREAT tactical flexibility and tons of room for upgrades on your freebies, and bare bones units. Plus if you really want to squeeze in a second conclave of three level one librarians it’s only only 195 points. Still plenty of room left in a 1850 list combo-ed with the formations above!

~So would you run a Daemon-summoning Marine list?

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