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40K: The Unbeatable List – WGC 2015 Edition

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Jun 25 2015



Take a look at one of the meanest lists in 40K right now. This is the army that won WargamesCon 2015.


Alan “Pajamapants” Bajramovic’s List ~Champion!

The List


How it Works?

First – a big thing is that he needs an Ork Warlord list that would let him do the best things to score missions with multiple objectives – thus Mogrok’s Boss Boyz.  You don’t get anything really bad out of that formation and it forces you to have the one Big Mek as your Warlord.  Plus you get a +1 to Seize the initiative as well as a warlord that still lets you customize him a bit – ala the Finkin Cap to get another Warlord Trait.
The other warlord traits lets you outflank some guys so you can easily hide your Warlord – Mogrok and have an annoying Character in the backfield with the Warboss on the Bike.  A combi-skorcha on the Big Mek lets you get rid of guys deep in cover too if you need too.
The 2 Shokk attack guns are there for what appears to be fun to try out some random chance to auto kill things.  It also gives you some firepower that the other parts of the list needs.  Plus it is frustrating for an opponent to waste a ton of shots at a single model.
Next the Daemon set up is just a basic Daemon CAD to get you some summoning via Fateweaver and the Pink Horrors, an anti-assault option in the Big D Bloodthirster with the gift combos to allow him to assault at normal Initiative with regular weapons, and the Nurglings which are just a pain and can hide.  Fateweaver will know so many spells it can be hard to deal with him.  No book but it isn’t really needed etc – as this list just spreads out and causes issues.
The CSM side gives you Bel’Akor which can help protect the Thirster with Invis and shrouding for the other things in the army.  The Heldrake can go get Bikers as needed.
It looks like a big mash of stuff – but almost all the casters are flyers so they can get away from the dreaded Culexus – most don’t need help from the other parts to be good, and in general this is a pain-in-the-butt MSU style list.
It beat Nick “Darkwynn” Rose’s Imperial Fist Scout’s of Dorn Army on table in the final game because Alan summoned a ton of stuff to get all over the place and get in the way. Plus with the Orks being the main CAD – there is no Warpstorm.


~What do you think of this current meta-inverting champion list?

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