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Wargames Con 2015 – Re-live a 40K Tourney!

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Jun 24 2015


Ever wonder what it’s like to go to a GT, or just want to see images form Wargames Con? You can do so, here! Walk around with FNP Wargamers and check out Wargame Con 2015 in Austin, TX! See the winners and see the armies!

Wargames Con was a blast again this year, thank you to everyone that joined us!


Big shout out to the 40k Champs top spots: Ben Mohlie who won best oeverall with his Necrons, Alan Bajramovic who won best general with orks and Daemons, and John McCool who won best appearance with his Orks!


The Pictures!

Now check out a bunch of pictures to inspire your inner hobbyist!

20150619_153831 20150619_153814 20150619_153805 20150619_153739 20150619_153725 20150619_153135 20150619_153127 20150621_102013 20150621_101953 20150621_101911 20150621_101854 20150621_101838 20150621_101824 20150621_101807 20150621_101742 20150621_101732



~What tournament do you most want to attend?

Reece Robbins
Author: Reece Robbins
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