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Privateer Press: No Quarter #61 Preview

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Jul 31 2015



The latest issue of Privateer Press’s monthly gaming magazine has hit store shelves. BoLS takes a quick peek under the cover.

Hey BoLS Readers, AdamHarry back with some quick info about the latest issue of No Quarter – Privateer Press’ Monthly Gaming/Hobby/Awesome Magazine. Yes, it is actually a print magazine and people DO still read those!


The Tournament Triple Threat article for Circle was really informative. Will Pagani does a great breakdown of the faction and includes 3 different lists for the different archetypes you may find in tourney play. If you’re a tourney player it’s a solid read even if you don’t play Circle – know thy enemy and all.

The Gavyn Kyle Files series highlights Zerkova and adds a ton to her background lore. It’s written as a report from the perspective someone in universe which helps to add that narrative depth. Good stuff.


There is an new Undercity play through/demo game breakdown included as well. It’s got a ton of info on the new game from Privateer and if you’re interested in a Co-Op Boardgame it’s worth the read!


There are multiple Hobby & Painting articles/tutorials included as well. So even if you’re not into playing in the Iron Kingdoms you can still pick up some really great painting tips.

And speaking of playing in the Iron Kingdoms – there are also a couple of articles exploring the background of the Iron Kingdoms RPG including a few new races to play in the RPG.

Cold Steel Part 3 is also included if you’ve been keeping up with the on going series. It’s a fun read as well.

We also get a sneak peak at the latest Merc – Savio Montero Acosta, a master swordsmen hellbent on testing his skills. Rocking MAT 9, Weapon Master and a PAIR of Storm Glaives, he’s a swordsmen’s swordsman!

And finally we get some cool pictures from the Cosplayers of Lock & Load 2015. Props to the folks who put in the effort to make those costumes. It’s a lot of work to bring a character to life from your favorite games and they go the extra mile.

No Quarter is in stores now! Do yourself a favor and check it out!


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