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AoS- New Warscrolls! Tamurkhan & Chaos Dwarfs

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Aug 12 2015



Out with the old and in with the new! Forge World just upgraded their website last night, and dropped new warscrolls for Tamurkhan and the Legion of Azgorh.

Yup that’s right, all those cool monsters and Chaos Dwarfs over on Warhammer Forge now have rules for playing in the Age of Sigmar.

However it looks like the Great Taurus and Lammasu are no longer on their site for order. You can however still get DRAZHOATH THE ASHEN, which is similar to the Taurus.

No clue when or IF we’ll see those models back.

Via Forge World




The dread Legion of Azgorh was once the terror of the Dark Lands of the world-that-was. Bitter and twisted, masters of murderous war engines and unyielding iron, their cruelty and avarice knew no bounds, and man or beast, goblin-kind or monster – all fell before their malign wrath or were enslaved to feed the sorcerous industries and sacrificial pyres of their smoke-blackened domains.

New Age of Sigmar Warscrolls

Tamurkhans Horde

Legion of Azgorh

Age of Sigmar Roundup

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