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Deep Thought: Will 40k Get the “Age of Sigmar” Treatment?

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Aug 28


It’s the question that seems to be on a lot of peoples minds – will Games Workshop change 40k to be like Age of Sigmar?

Depending on who you ask Age of Sigmar is either the absolute worst, or perhaps one of the best things GW has ever done, and that seems to worry a lot of folks.

Should we worry about Games Workshop messing with 40k in a similar manner? Maybe, but perhaps not anytime soon I would think.

Traditionally GW seems to plan out their moves well in advance, and honestly it seems like their focus right now for 40k is to get all the books on par with 7th edition. Now that will end as soon as the Tyranids book drops assuming that both Chaos Space Marines and Daemons get an update this year, which seems unlikely.

My gut says that all codex books could be wrapped up and changed over to 7th Edition by Summer 2016. That even could allow for any “new” factions that may get released, and perhaps some new Age of Sigmar releases in there as well.

horus walpaper

Now there is the curious case of what rules GW will use with the new Horus Heresy Stater Set that is rumored to be releasing this fall as well.  Surely they are not going to include “full rules” in this kit, as those volumes are extremely pricey products from Forge World itself.

So it is probable that whatever rules come with that box set, IF they are for games of conventional Horus Heresy, that they would be a “simplified version” of the Forge World books. That way players can still engage in the games that the figures may be meant for AND Forge World doesn’t have to “devalue” one of its biggest sellers: the Horus Heresy Books.


Now they may just take the starter game in a different direction as well, and make it a mini game like the Assassin Execution force was.

emperor cat

However if there is one thing I’ve learned about Games Workshop over the last 20 or so years, is that if they think they can do something to either save a dollar or make a dollar, they will do it as soon as corporately possible.  Now that being said it seems like their new CEO is serious about making changes around the old HQ homestead, so never underestimate what may happen in Nottingham in the next 1-2 years.

In conclusion I don’t think 40k will get the AoS treatment, anytime soon. And if it was going to, we’d probably see a general slide to the game itself that heralded Fantasy’s demise from all the way from July 2010 to this year.

What do you think?

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