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Gods and Monsters Demand Your Devotion On Kickstarter

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Aug 2 2015


Altered Reality Games is currently seeking funds for their card-driven miniatures game Gods and Monsters on Kickstarter.

Set in a dystopian near-future where a mysterious energy source has caused all manner of godlike beings to manifest in our world, Gods and Monsters joins the likes of Malifaux and Relic Knights as a card-driven miniatures game. The twist is that the card element isn’t just a replacement for dice like in those games. Rather, Gods and Monsters uses customizable decks of spells, troops, and upgrades that represent the powers and followers of your chosen god. Much like in card games, you’ll be gathering energy to summon additional troops and perform miracles as the game progresses, with a separate event deck further changing the flow of each encounter. There is a link to the beta rules on the Kickstarter page.

The current Kickstarter is seeking to fund the basic starter box that puts Arthur and his steam-powered knights against the eldritch abominations of Moros. The pitch video shows brief glimpses of upcoming gods, including a demented little girl leading an army of evil puppets and teddy bears, mecha samurai, and barbarians with a large chimera-like beast. Some of these other factions will make up the higher tier stretch goals.

Gods and Monsters seeks at least $80,000, with stretch goals currently going up to $170k. You can grab the starter for anywhere between $80-$95, depending on if you can get one of the early bird pledges before they’re gone. One interesting pledge level is a retailer exclusive, something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. For $500, you can get five starters and $600 worth of add-ons for your shop. This pledge level will ship before the final street date and your shop will be promoted on Altered Reality’s main website as a place to buy Gods and Monsters early.


What do you guys think about Gods and Monsters? Any store owners here interested in more games doing “store only” pledges on Kickstarter to get product early?

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