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GW Weekly Releases 8-22-2015

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Aug 22 2015


Games Workshop released a handful of amazing new terrain kits – and a TON of web bundles for them. Lets take a look at the core kits!

via Games Workshop

Chaos Dreadhold: Overlord Bastion $130



Grim, foreboding reminders of the absolute dominion enjoyed by the Chaos Gods, the Overlord Bastions tower over the landscape like malignant growths pushed forth from the corrupted earth itself. The soldiers that adorn their ramparts are all but immune to assault,
shielded by high walls and heavy stone. Each of these strongholds is imbued with a terrifyingly dark power that the strongest wizards might call upon to rain storms of blood and blades onto their cowering foes.






This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need in order to put together an amazing piece of scenery – the Chaos Dreadhold Overlord Bastion. Containing everything from the Skull Keep, this also gives you an additional block making the Bastion that much taller – add more and more, make the Bastion as high as you like! On top of this, there’s a wall section with an ending piece. The whole thing is completely covered in spiky bits and horrible skulls; there’s no doubt at all the this is an artifact of Chaos. Every kit in the Chaos Dreadhold is explicitly designed to be fully modular, combining with the others to build a fortress as wildly, ostentatiously huge as your imagination can conceive.

Chaos Dreadhold: Malefic Gate $100


Intimidating, iron-bound entrances to the fortresses of Chaos that litter the corrupted realms, the Malefic Gates defend the bastions of the Dark Gods, allowing nothing to pass but the most twisted and evil monsters of darkness. Virtually impregnable, the gates require heroic feats of strength to be moved even slightly – nothing but the most powerful creatures in the realms have even a hope of getting through.





This multi-part plastic kit contains everything needed to build one Malefic Gate, the sinister entrance to the Chaos Dreadhold. It comes with two wall sections, a bridge that can be used to connect any of the kits in the range and a gate section, featuring two articulated doors that can be opened individually. The entire kit is festooned with the grimness of Chaos – it’s practically made of skulls and spikes!

Chaos Dreadhold: Skull Keep $75


A grim monument to the conquering forces of Chaos, the Skull Keep’s ostentatious skull-adorned walls and brass-bound crenellations tower over the battlefield. Its ramparts allow defenders to rain gory death down upon anyone foolish enough to even come close. Anyone with the power – and bravery – to risk it can call upon the favour of the gods to unleash torrents of violent, blazing death-beams and tides of blood from this sinister, monolithic example of Chaos made stone.



This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything necessary to build a Skull Keep, an integral part of the overwhelmingly sinister Chaos Dreadhold. In it, you’ll receive the Keep itself, a piece of incredibly brutal scenery covered in the grim indicators of a world ruled by Chaos – this means skulls, and lots of them! You’ll get the choice of two door designs, and a balcony from which your miniatures can survey the damaged, bleeding realms

Chaos Dreadhold: Fortress Wall $25



An essential component for expanding your Chaos Dreadhold and building it up into a sinister fortress of absolute, merciless evil, this is a section of wall that is entirely modular, and compatible with every other piece of the Chaos Dreadhold! Designed to be placed together in different ways, building either straight lines or angles, it’s covered in spikes, grim faces and skulls, and will make your gaming table into a truly imposing monument to the ruined realms that Chaos has corrupted.


Blood Warriors $62


Creatures whose rage has taken them over completely, who know nothing but the appropriately red mist of anger, whose fury is such that it literally radiates off them in visible waves of livid heat, the Blood Warriors of the Goretide are a mass of intense aggression and sheer bloodlust. Even striking one down offers no respite, as even the most traumatically wounded of these terrifying warriors will fight on in a trancelike frenzy.







This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything necessary to build ten Blood Warriors. You’ll get some impressive customisation options – each can be armed with either a Goreaxe and Gorefist or two Goreaxes. One model can be built as Chaos Champion with a special, even more intimidating axe; this really is a kit for the axe-inclined among you! One model can be upgraded with a special weapon, the Goreglaive, and one can be built as an Icon Bearer. Includes ten Citadel 32mm Round Bases.

Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold $33




As the forces of Order sweep across the realms, Chaos mobilises. Rushing to their battlements, the evil tide brandishes immense axes and blood-soaked blades, ready and willing to defend everything that they have conquered and corrupted. Skull-covered towers glare balefully down upon scarred plains littered with the remains of those who have tried to breach their walls. Plague-crusted fortresses ooze with sorcerous contagions. Eldritch fortifications lie empty, haunted and foreboding…




Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold details the monstrous castles, mighty strongholds and looming watchtowers that choke the mortal realms like an iron collar. Containing rules for each of the Chaos Dreadhold scenery pieces, brand-new stories with Battleplans that put your fortresses at the centre of your games and eight Warscroll Battalions that show you the awesome flexibility of this scenery range, this 80-page hardback book is a must-have for any and all fans of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realmgate Wars: Ghal Maraz $24


Plague and devastation ravage the Mortal Realms, but there is hope yet, for Sigmar’s Stormcast Eternals are paragons of justice and retribution. In Ghyran and the lands of Rotwater Blight, Lord-Castellant Grymn fights on, not only to avenge the death of Lord-Celestant Gardus but also to find the Hidden Vale of Alarielle, the Radiant Queen and ruler of the sylvaneth. Only with her aid can the pestilence that ails the land be turned back. Returning to the Hanging Valleys of Anvrok, Thostos Bladestorm is much changed, but he also carries a weighty truth… He has found Ghal Maraz, the great hammer of Sigmar itself. Reunited with Vandus Hammerhand, these two heroes and their warriors must conquer the Eldritch Fortress of Tzeentch and overthrow the dreaded Kairos Fateweaver if they are to retrieve this mighty artefact.

240-page hardback containing two stories by Guy Haley and Josh Reynolds. The cover shows Stormcast Eternals from the Hallowed Knights locked in battle against the hordes of Nurgle, along with a focus on a Lord-Castellant.
A stunning novel continuing the saga of the Realmgate wars


Games Workshop also has a LOT of web-bundle ‘deals’ for people who want to purchase all that plastic. The packages are basically multiples of the above kits in various amounts. They range from boxed army deal prices to “OMG I could buy a Titan!” prices. You should at least take a look if for nothing else to get some ideas on how to arrange these kits. They are “…explicitly designed to be fully modular, combining with the others to build a fortress as wildly, ostentatiously huge as your imagination can conceive” after all!

Link to Web-Bundle Deals

And here I thought all those skulls we were collecting were for the skull throne…

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