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Hallelujah! Sigmar’s Celestant Prime is Spotted!

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Aug 23 2015


At long last, the newest “Archangel” for AoS is revealed! WOW is the Celestant Prime a classic beauty. Come SEE! 

via Spikeybit Forum’s Scanner 8-23-2015

Here is the Celestant Prime.

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“The model is as big as Nagash, and standing on a celestrial fulgrim that looks more like the top of a Numinous Occulum. He is wielding the Ghal Maraz in his right hand, with wings fashioned after the prosecutor models, but bigger. One picture shows him towering over the Glottkin model.”

Wow, so Sigmar’s got a great daemon that can deepstrike onto the table, and can put the hurting on some of the bigger warscrolls out there too!

The Celestant Prime model sounds pretty good initially, Nagash is very good looking and if we got another character model on that same level, it would go far to recruiting player for the game like Nagash did for End Times.



Editor’s Note: I love the wings that have that “ray of light from God” quality to them.  It would appear that the GW sculptors are fans of Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. I always appreciate a bit of the classics on my tabletop.


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Who wants to bet that this guy and the Glottkin have a throw down soon?



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