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Occulum & Dragonfate Terrain – Inside the Box

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Aug 10 2015



More Chinese terrain sets are here for the Age of Sigmar, come see if the quality has gotten any better this go around.

This week it’s the Numinous Occulum and the Dragonfate Dias, and once again it seems these Chinese terrain releases are just made from an inferior grade of plastic that’s both cumbersome, and seems to hold less detail.

The designs on the new kits both the Ophidan Archway and the Baleful Realmgates are great, don’t get me wrong, but they just seem to lack in overall quality in general.

I do like the modular design to the Numinous Occulum shares with the Ophidan Archway that let’s you combine multiple kits. Likewise the Dragonfate Dias seems to be a very forward thinking design, that they appear to have revamped from the 2013 picture as well

However at the end of the day, GW’s Chinese terrain kits just don’t seem to be as good as their multi-part kits that come out of England. When you’re charging the same price or more for these kits as better crafted 40k and OOP Fantasy terrain, I feel like GW should provide the same level or better of quality IMHO.

Via Games Workshop

Dragonfate Dais


Dragonfate Dias

An ancient seat of power where priests are able to call upon the gods, the Dragonfate Dais is ringed by draconic carvings whose eyes glow with divine light. Hanging above the ground, suspended in a place between the realms and the heavens, only the bravest souls should even attempt to contact the divine through this dais – after all, your prayer may be answered by something other than divinity…

This plastic kit gives you everything you need in order to construct one Dragonfate Dais, upon which sacrifices can be made to appease the gods. Designed to hold miniatures in and around its confines, it makes an amazing addition to any Warhammer Age of Sigmar battleground.




  • Packaging is on point
  • Low part count makes assembly a snap
  • Warscroll rules included – play out of the box!


  • Plastic seems cumbersome, and not able to hold crisp details.



99120299029_NuminousOcculum01 (1)

Numinous Occulum

Places of arcane power and eldritch might, each Numinous Occulum connects the magic of the realms with strands of pulsing sorcery. Wizards that can master the spinning wheels of the occulum can peer into the future or the past, manipulate time or alter the fates themselves to bring ruin to their enemies and victory to their dark masters.

This plastic kit gives you everything needed to build one Numinous Occulum, a place of sinister magic and grim, portentous happenings in the Age of Sigmar.




  • Dynamic Three Dimensional Styling
  • Can be use for both the Age of Sigmar and 40k alike.
  • Kit is ‘expandable’ and can accommodate multiple Occulums OR Archways interconnected.
  • Warscroll rules included – play out of the box!


  • Again, plastic seems cumbersome, and not able to hold crisp details.

Who’s already picked up some of these – what do you think of the plastic?


  • GW Weekly Releases 8-8-2015