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Quest For Ghal Maraz – Even More Pics Spotted!

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Aug 10 2015

60040299044_RealmGateWarsQuestForGhalMarazENGLISH01The new Quest of Ghal Maraz book is coming in hot! Checkout the new warscoll previews and sweet artwork from the first installment of the Realmgate Wars!

First, go check out yesterday’s Ghal Maraz images and video if you are just checking in after the weekend.  Here is round two on images doing the rounds from the web this morning:

Via Astropate

New Warscrolls

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 Plus new art, and features!



The book will contain;

  • Eight battleplans to recreate the book’s battles
  • 28 Warscrolls
  • 8 Warscroll Battalions
  • Rules for Stormcast Eternals, Khorne Bloodbound, Nurgle Rotbringers and Skaven Clan Pestilens!
  • Plus a paint guides for the Celestial Vindicators and Hallowed Knights Stormhosts, Putrid Blightkings from the Grand Congregation and Chaos Warriors of the Bleak Horde.

Looks like this one will be a huge improvement over the previous Age of Sigmar book, as there seems to be previously unseen rules and missions contained within!  Add in the painting guide and what looks to be another 110 pages or so of fluff, and this book is set to be an exciting kickoff to the Realmgate wars!

Checkout the latest on the new book below


Age of Sigmar Roundup


~Looks like the Skaven are out in force this week.  I would expect more Khorne and Nurgle to show up shortly based on the AoS campaign villains.


  • 15mm HALO: Master Chief Arrives!