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RED ALERT: 40K’s First 1+ Roll!!!

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Aug 4 2015


Is it legal? Come see what may just be the first ‘legal’ 1+ roll in Warhammer 40k.

The hits keep on coming for the Space Marines, because today the flesh is NOT weak.  Take a look at this interesting combo that the Iron Hands can pull off in about a third of their tournament games.

The new Iron Hands Space Marines come with a fantastic new Chapter Tactic that confers a great feel no pain ability.

So if you have a unit with another source of FNP, that roll goes down by one.

That would mean that for instance if you have Feel no Paint from an apothecary, or another source, the unit now has a 4+ FNP roll.

Jump on over to the new Clan Raukaan supplement for Space Marines that is updated to work with the new 2015 codex, and there is a very saucy piece of wargear to take a look at; The Gorgon Chain.

unnamed (36)



So now you can have a model that has a 3+ Invulnerable, and a 3+ FNP for as long as he hasn’t suffered any wounds.


Checkout number 3 on the Clan Raukaan warlord trait chart.

unnamed (37)


Looks like with a re-roll for being a primary CAD, one in every three games your warlord will have a fantastic 2+ Feel No Pain roll.


But what if for some reason you get another +1 to your FNP?  It can happen in game believe it or not from gaining Endurance from Biomancy, or from Chaos’ Warpflame special rule even just to name a few.

Is a 1+ Feel no Pain roll even legal? Turns out RAW it just may be.



The only provision in the rule book for rolling dice, only seems to prohibit ARMOR SAVES from going below a 2+ (page 8 BRB). According to the USR for Feel No Pain, that ability is NOT an armor save and can actually be taken in lieu of an armor save in fact (Pg. 164 – well assuming the wound did not cause instant death that is).

It seems like Feel No Pain has no restriction on going to a 1+ or below at all in this edition. Plus if I remember correctly, the Warpflame ability from the Daemons technically has been able to lower FNP as well with no restriction for the last two editions, BUT no one was ever silly enough to keep giving it to units over and over, so it never seemed to be an issue…. well until now perhaps?

Looks like we may need a FAQ for this one too eh?

How would you rule this one?


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