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Warmachine Batrep – Cygnar (Caine1) vs. Trollbloods (Madrak1)

Aug 23 2015

caine1 art

Lieutenant Allister Caine and his Gun Mage cadre face a band of unruly Trollkin warriors lead by Madrak Ironhide in this Warmachine/Hordes battle report!

What’s up everyone!  It’s Trevy the Great here again from Way of the Swan with another awesome batrep for you!  This time it’s back to the noble soldiers of Cygnar for me as I take Lieutenant Allister Caine and his Sons of the Tempest to the battle against a warband of upstart Trollkin lead by Madrak Ironhide the Thornwood Chieftain!  Tune in to see who prevails in this epic struggle between good and slightly-less-good!  Enjoy!



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