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30k: Mechanicum – Taghmata Army Book Overview

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Sep 16 2015


Join us as we take a tour through the Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List Book from Forge World – Big Guns and BIGGER Robots await!

Hello again BoLS Readers! If you were here earlier this week you saw that we had some teaser pics up. Well here comes the full show:

As mentioned before – this book is everything you need to play as the Taghmata Omnissiah – which is/was the military operational force of the Adeptus Mechanicus for/during the Great Crusade and the Heresy. This book covers all the forces a Forge World can muster just short of the Skitarii and some of the Collegia Titanica (although it does have stats and points for Titans as well).

It’s packed full of art, background history, organizational structure, new force org charts, an allies chart, new missions/deployment options and of course all the unit entries! This book is compatible with any Loyalist or Traitor Legion and can be used in 30k or 40k (just like any other Horus Heresy Era supplements).

Oh and thanks to everyone who pointed out that the GOLD color on the allies chart was for Sworn Brothers and the BLACK was for Fellow Warriors. Silver is still Distrusted Allies and Red is By the Emperor’s (or Warmasters) Command.


My Bad.



Anyways – this book is still an amazing offer from Forge World considering that £32 price point. Have pigs begun to fly? Is the devil in need of a winter coat? Why is Forge World cheaper than GW? I don’t know – but if you’re playing Warhammer 30k you’re going to want to snag this book!

Mechanicum: Taghmata Army List £32


These Robots are NOT in disguise. 

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