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4 Tau Codex Mysteries We Need to Solve

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Oct 13


Come see the FOUR big things we need to know about the new Tau book – based on the hints GW has left us.

With Games Workshop’s cheeky way of holding the codex books till last for new miniatures releases, hobbyists are left holding the bag on just how useful the new models really are.

4 Things We Need To Know About the New Tau Codex



1. Integrated Battle-Suit Support Systems – The new Stormsurge seems interestingly priced at 360. It may be possible that the upgrades for it I.E. the support systems will be priced competitively to help augment to suit itself. Ignore cover, and Interceptor for two would could raise this thing’s threat level to over 9000! Besides the great rules package that comes with being a Gargantuan creature in general, the Stormsurge seems to be lacking in the upgrades department currently.


2. Army Wide Special Rules – When the last book hit the scene back a few years ago, the Tau seem only get two new “real” rules mechanics, Ignore Cover, and Supporting Fire for overwatching. While at the time both were very effective, however in the meta of 7th Edition the Tau may really have to bring the heat to keep up.

We saw with the Ghostkeel a few more rules getting dished out by Games Workshop. Supporting Fire seems to be making a comeback, but it remains unclear if it will work the same as before (pg.32 Tau Codex 2013).


GW also went out of their way to make sure that this Monstrous Creature can fire all three of it’s weapons by giving it both Multi-Trackers and Black Sun Filters (assuming they will work the same as the previous book).

3. Tau Decurion – Formation Detachments seem to be en vogue as of late, and the Tau could easily benefit from a Decruion style detachment or even special rules for fielding vehicle squadrons like their Space Marine adversaries.

If they did get a formation like the previous codex books, that could also explain the interesting pricing on the Ghostkeel and Stormsurge models both in the game and at the register!


4. Commander Farsight – a fan favorite, the “renegade” leader of the Farsight Enclaves benefited from his own expansion book last time. Will this book be legal for play this go around (like the Clan Raukaan/ Sentinels of Terra supplements), or will it go the way of the Iyanden book, and get consumed into the Tau Codex .

How will the greater good be served here folks? Weigh in with your thoughts below because the first Tau model goes on sale this weekend!

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