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Battlegroup of Legends: Debuff Denny

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Oct 1 2015


Deneghra has a some of the nastiest debuffs in the game.Today I want to look at a Mercenary based Cryx list that utilizes shooting.

Crippling grasp neuters a unit or model’s output to being almost useless. If your opponent can’t get rid of upkeep spells they will be in for a bad time.

Denny’s battlegroup is nothing special.  2 arc nodes for delivering said debuffs.

Aiakos is used with a leviathan.  Aiakos has a speed buff and can fully fuel the leviathan with focus leaving Denny more to cast spells with.

The Nyss are doubly useful as they can kill things in melee or do decent damaged with combined range attacks.

Boomhowlers can actually do alot of work with their guns when Denny debuffs the enemies defense.

The Devil Mutineers gives some more anti stealth with Zyra.

Lord Rockbottom makes command checks a little less scary and can buff the Mutineers.

Skarlock Thrall and Warwitch Siren round up the support models. Fueling focus, getting rid of disruption, and hot swapping crippiling grasp or parasite where needed.


With the last point I chose a scenario piece in the Machine Wraith.  If your opponent has limited magic weapons this can hold a flag/zone pretty easily.




What do you think BOLS?  Have you seen the mercenary list before? Do you think Denny’s gunline can get the job done?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.



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