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BoLS Battle Report: Infinity: Nomads vs Pan-O

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Nov 13 2015

Infinity 4

It’s the Nomad vs Pan-O in a TAG vs Zond throw-down. Here comes the Battle of the Bots!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry here with confession to make: I had never used a TAG before we played this game. But waaaaay back in May, GentleBen wrote up a pair of painting tutorials for this TAG:

Infinity PanO Squalo 000Click the Pic to Enlarge

And I knew I wanted to play a game with (or against) the Squalo. This is that game!

I had a blast playing against GentleBen – he is a sneaky shrewd WISE opponent! Going after the TAG early was a good idea. Watch the video to see how his plan played out…

One of the cool things about Infinity is that even I play and own both factions, GentleBen runs completely different sub-factions. On top of that, I was using Pan-O that had some cool optional “Ally” forces as part of the list. So just everything on the board was entirely new stuff to me even thought I own and play both Nomads and Pan-O – how cool is that!?

We were also taking a crack at the ITS missions, which are the official missions from Corvus Belli. While we were using this “Tournament” mission I think we were both playing pretty light-heartedly. I really just wanted to swat some pesky Nomads with the super awesome Squalo. “Play the scenario,” they said. To them I say, “Nonsense. Robots must FIGHT!” Ben was also attempting some pretty awesome stuff, thematically, so I give him props for being very gung-ho about his attack plan.


At the end of the game we both a had a good laugh and were already planning out next game. I just can’t get enough Infinity!


Infinity: Fun Skirmishes with a hefty side of awesome Sci-Fi tropes. What’s not to like?!

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