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Tabletop Games: The Best Gaming Universe is…

Dec 30 2015



It’s almost New Years, and time to kick back with your fellow BoLS gamers, and talk about our favorite pastime.  Come on in!

As we approach the end of the Holiday season, we want to have a change to have the community weigh in on series of fun open questions and see what we all think.

So put on your robe, grab some hot cider and enjoy a gamer conversation with your friends.

Today’s topic is:

“What tabletop game has the best universe?”


From the Grimdark to the Old World, Immoren, Mantica, The Human Sphere, A Galaxy Far, Far Away, The Final Frontier and dozens more Which one is the best – AND WHY?

~The floor is yours my friends and – remember – we want to know WHY!

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