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Black Library: Destruction & Creation Bundles

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Dec 14 2015


Black Library welcomes you to learn the story of the Old World’s ending and the Creation of the new order with two new bundles:

First we begin with the Ending of the Old World:EndTimesBookCollectionMain

Then we move onto the Creation of the Age of Sigmar:

The End Times Collection $165

The World That Was is no more, ground beneath the heels of the Dark Gods, brought to an end by their greatest servant, Archaon Everchosen, But before the apocalypse came the End Times, years of horror and destruction when the world changed. Heroes rose and fell, empires burned and unlikely new alliances were forged as the people of the world tried to avert disaster. This is the complete story of how they failed. This is how the world ended.

This bundle contains softback editions of the five narrative books from the End Times:
Volume I: Nagash
Volume II: Glottkin
Volume III: Khaine
Volume IV: Thanquol
Volume V: Archaon

Please note that this set only contains the narrative books – no rules content is included.

The World That Was is ended, with new Realms in its place. But the tale of how it met its end is one worth reading, and now you can experience every battle, every betrayal and every desperate last stand in this collection of five mammoth narrative books – and if you’re new to the worlds of Warhammer, you’ll get some hints at how the Mortal Realms came to be.


The Realmgate Wars: Exclusive Editions Bundle $160



Sigmar’s might unleashed the Stormcast Eternals on the Chaos-ravaged Mortal Realms and changed the worlds forever. This collection of novels charts the great battles of the Celestial champions as they seek to open the Gates of Azyr, secure an alliance with the Everqueen and retrieve Sigmar’s hammer, Ghal Maraz – plus a tale of three Chaos Champions who want to join the ranks of Archaon’s Varanguard.

This bundle contains the following books:

The Gates of Azyr by Chris Wraight
War Storm by Nick Kyme, Guy Haley and Josh Reynolds
Ghal Maraz by Guy Haley and Josh Reynolds
Hammers of Sigmar by Darius Hinks and C L Werner
Call of Archaon by David Annandale, David Guymer, Guy Haley and Rob Sanders

Each of these books is presented in a lavish exclusive format with additional artwork and features.

~If you had to choose just one – which would it be?

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