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Do Segregate? Letting 40K into 30K

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Dec 19 2015

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Does “regular” 40K need to be allowed in 30K events? Let’s talk about this…

We talked earlier about letting 30K into 40K. The field was a little mixed. But what about the inverse: Would you let 40K into your 30K events?

Assuming you agree with the the previous article about letting 30K into 40K (basically, there is no real reason that the two games are mechanically different) – how do you feel about 40K in 30K events?

Are there issues with Theme and Fluff? What are they? Theme wise if your reason for 30K showing up in 40K is “because the warp” then why doesn’t it work in the reverse?


Would you even allow Xenos armies? And what armies would you allow?

What about the Force Org? Which do you use?



Are 30K armies really that imbalanced that they can’t hold their own vs 40K armies? What if you removed formations and allies – would they suddenly become more reasonable (or would they be unplayable)?

Would you allow 40K to have Formations? What about Allies? Which ally chart to you refer to?


There are lots of questions – what do you think? Would you let 40K into a 30K event?


Let the Legionaries in – but keep those Xenos scum out? #wantmycake #andeatittoo


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