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Frostgrave – The Fantasy Skirmish Game

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Dec 30 2015



Looking for a Fantasy Skirmish game to use with all those refugee fantasy wargaming figures you own? Check out Frostgrave!

Frostgrave hit the Fantasy Skirmish side of the hobby this past summer and it’s icy grip on the tabletop has been felt. It’s taken root as the go-to fantasy game for many gamers who are looking for something to do with all those left behind fantasy miniatures. If you’re looking for a game that is smaller scale and works great as a campaign system then you should take a look at Frostgrave!

Frostgrave (Osprey Publishing) $24.95

Frostgrave Large Rulebook


Amidst the frozen ruins of an ancient city, wizards battle in the hopes of discovering the treasures of a fallen empire. In this fantasy skirmish wargame, each player takes on the role of a wizard from one of ten schools of magic, and builds his band of followers. The wizard’s apprentice will usually accompany his master, and more than a dozen other henchman types are available for hire, from lowly thugs to heavily armoured knights and stealthy thieves. Wizards can expand their magical knowledge by unlocking ancient secrets and may learn up to 80 different spells. While individual games of Frostgrave are quick and can easily be played in an hour or two, it is by connecting them into an ongoing campaign that players will find the most enjoyment. The scenarios given in the book are merely the beginning of the limitless adventures that can be found amidst the ruins of the Frozen City.

And if you’re looking for a bit more of the gameplay check out this video from Guerrilla Miniature Games.


Stan and I play our first ever game of Frostgrave by Osprey Games! Mistakes are made, we live, we laugh, we duke it out in The Living Museum… his Witch against my Sigilist!

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Have you taken the plunge into the icy depths of Frostgrave? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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