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GW RUMORS: Specialist Games – Necromunda Latest

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Dec 22 2015



Here’s the latest word on what the new Specialist Games Team is cooking up for you Necromunda Fans!

A source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity reports:

  • Necromunda Boxed set like Betrayal at Calth will combine multiple minis that will be sold as separate kits later on.
  • Look for the main boxed set to start off with 2 separate fully playable gangs and a modular terrain set.
  • Future gang expansions will each provide a fully formed gang with all the options needed.
  • A line of modular terrain will be launched with rules and mission tie-ins to the core game.
  • Special Characters will also be coming in time. (there are conflicting reports of whether these are standalones or included in the above mentioned kits)

Previously a source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity reports:

“Space Hulk will be returning with expansions.

Look for more elaborate army construction rules for both sides to allow dynamic missions.

The game will still focus on Terminators vs Genestealers in tight quarters, but may not be restricted to 100% those forces.

Look for slightly broader faction forces and minis – including some old favorites.”



“Specialist Games is forming thier team and beginning to lay out product roadmaps.

Look for an initial set of of 4 games to be developed concurrently:

This initial set will be released in sequence and each will get a regular seasonal release slot in future years.

Necromunda is slated for the first release.

The relaunched Necrumunda will be focussed around gang kits and new terrain kits designed especially for the new range.

Other existing lines and previous “recent successful boardboardgames” will be folded into Specialist Games purview and added into the rotation with the above four.

Thus we will see very regular product releases for Specialist games throughout the year, but there may be long intervals in between releases for any one system.”










I think Necromunda would fly off shelves – maybe even faster than Space Hulk.  It was SUCH an amazing and addictive game system.  The customization and quasi-RPG elements really made it stand out and it was the perfect diversion for 40K players who wanted a slight change of pace while still playing a 28mm game in the Grimdark.  It was also a very refreshing “underbelly of society” setting than the “I’m saving the galaxy…again” feel of Warhammer 40,000.


~Would you be more excited for Necromunda, or an expanded Space Hulk? – and WHY?

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