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GW RUMORS: Specialist Games – Space Hulk Grows?

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Dec 18 2015


Here’s the latest word on what the new Specialist Games Team is cooking up for you Space Hulk Fans!

A source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity reports:

Space Hulk

“Space Hulk will be returning with expansions.

Look for more elaborate army construction rules for both sides to allow dynamic missions.

The game will still focus on Terminators vs Genestealers in tight quarters, but may not be restricted to 100% those forces.

Look for slightly broader faction forces and minis – including some old favorites.”


Previously a source who spoke to BoLS on condition of anonymity reports:


“Specialist Games is forming thier team and beginning to lay out product roadmaps.

Look for an initial set of of 4 games to be developed concurrently:

This initial set will be released in sequence and each will get a regular seasonal release slot in future years.

Necromunda is slated for the first release.

The relaunched Necrumunda will be focussed around gang kits and new terrain kits designed especially for the new range.

Other existing lines and previous “recent successful boardboardgames” will be folded into Specialist Games purview and added into the rotation with the above four.

Thus we will see very regular product releases for Specialist games throughout the year, but there may be long intervals in between releases for any one system.”










Space Hulk being expanded would be a no-brainer.  It sold out in both runs, and is a fan favorite.  It also allows a platform for new 40K minis like we have seen with Execution Force and Betrayal at Calth.  Hmm, what do you think the “old favorites” could be?


~I couldn’t be happier! Which one of those 4 would be your favorite and how would you update it for the 21st century

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