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Horus Heresy: Missing Minis & the Future

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Dec 4 2015


There is news of the fate of some missing Horus Heresy products and what GW has in store 2016. Come see!

So folks have gotten a little panicky about the removal of some key Horus Heresy products from Forge World.  Here are some examples:


There are a handful of Mk III and Mk. IV kits that recently moved to “no longer available”…


Much more troubling is the “no longer available” status of several of the Legion armylist rulebooks, which are key to getting into Heresy gaming.

Not to worry fine citizens, as a handful of BoLS readers jumped on the case and one headed over to Warhammer world in Nottingham straightaway to get to the bottom of the mystery straight from the horse’s mouth. Here is what they reported back:


The Detectives Findings:

Straightsilver says:


A lot of the Heresy armour marks are either being replaced with the newer versions or in most cases having the hands / arms resculpted so they are compatible with the BaC sprues.

The red books are being replaced with new editions at some point but general concensus is they have just sold out due to BaC

Fist of Dorn reports:

In the Forgeworld store in W/World they have copies of both of the Red books, though the sales guy confirmed the 2nd volume was in fact out of print, but will get reprinted soon.

The minis were a different matter, all he knew was that some stuff had been dropped, he had no knowledge about what if anything was going to replace them.

BaC sprees are definitely getting their own release sometime next year, just like the Assassins

The Takeaways:

So the big takeaways from Nottingham are:

  • Look for some kits to get shoved out of the way by the plastic Betrayal at Calth minis. Some may be just be retools to work better with the Heresy plastic kits.
  • Look for the return of the rulebooks as those are just temporarily out of stock, due to a sales spike caused by Betrayal at Calth – EXCELLENT NEWS!
  • Look for the Herresy rulebooks to get updated in the future to keep them up to date with the expanding Forge World books – EXCELLENT NEWS!
  • Most importantly, look for the plastic minis from Betrayal at Calth to show up on the shelves as standalone kits!


~ Happy Heresy Gaming!

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