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The Halflings March To War On Kickstarter

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Dec 26 2015


There’s still a few days to go to grab a Halfling army from Westfalia on Kickstarter.

What started as a sculptor’s pet project to create a band of Halflings for a skirmish fantasy game soon exploded into a full army of the lovable fantasy race. Now, Westfalia Publishing is giving you the chance to grab some of their Halflings at a discount as part of a Kickstarter campaign.

The miniatures are designed for 28mm games and are produced in resin by DB Creative Moulds. Halfling units in this Kickstarter include swordsmen, halberdiers, spearmen, crossbowmen, gunners, archers, militia, and mounted goat knights. There are some commander and hero models too, like a Halfling Champion, a wizard with acolyte, a Halfling lord on a goat, and a Halfling paymaster riding on the back of his massive ogre bodyguard. There are some non-Halfling models available as add-ons as well, such as several mercenary ogres and some goblins.

The £15/$23 pledge allows you to pick one unit of 10 Halflings. If you want an army then check out the £85/$129, £160/$243, and £295/$449 pledges, which will get you between 59 and 216 miniatures of your choice plus some free hero and command models. There’s a few other pledges if you just want one of everything in the campaign.

The minis look very detailed and full of character, and should look great on any fantasy gaming table. There is a handy PDF file on the Kickstarter page with sample lists for use in games like Dragon Rampant, Songs of Blades and Heroes, and (non-Sigmar) Warhammer. Conveniently enough, the recent Uncharted Empires supplement for Mantic’s Kings of War just added the League of Rhordia Halfling faction, and these would be some great models to represent them.


Anyone looking for some Halfling models for their favorite fantasy game?



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